So rumors are which the detroit redwings usually host the 2014 winter classic, as well as the team which comes to mind for their opponets is the chicago blackhawks. How much do we think ticket costs is considering this might be a game which i would love to attend.

Answer by The Quack Attack
According to… viewing the game now, the announcers mentioned Scalpers were asking for up of $ 800.

Answer by Brian
I was at the game now, i paid 450 for my ticket, scalpers were asking for anywhere for 800-1000. plus folks were paying them for the tickets… Ridiculous. From where i was sitting it was difficult to find the puck throughout quick paced plays, plus i had a good seat. You are able to either go to the game for the experience, or remain at house plus really see the game…

Answer by Jorjor♥ENNIS♥
I went to the initial 1. My daddy has 2 season tickets to the sabres. We got 2 additional tickets plus i believe he paid 350 every. We sat at center ice found on the penalty box side row 16. My aunt plus uncle sat at the corner row 16.


Rumors have been flying which many NHL groups is delivering back third jerseys upcoming season. As an example, the Sabres are supposedly utilizing 1 of their classic blue plus gold jerseys (that makes me extremely happy considering they’re nonetheless my favorite the team has ever had) as well as the Pens is utilizing the powder blue classic jersey they wore for the Winter Classic. If you could shape the favorite team’s third jersey, what might it resemble?

Answer by james_jass
pink 32

Answer by Joe B Du komma ofta?
Flyers 3rd jersey plus i want they might return to-

Answer by Andrew V
I really wish To see a green or navy blue Whaler jersey. Those jerseys were specific. Brass Bonanza Forever Folks!