I have ROCKBAND 2 plus I need all rockband 1 tunes to be about it. Is this potential? If thus how do I receive it. I purchased the metal track pack plus had the reddem code inside the booklet, is it the same for rockband 1?

Answer by Travis M
Harmonix plus MTV Games have furthermore offered limited edition instruments, including an authentic Fender Squier Stratocaster guitar plus Precision Bass retrofitted with all the game’s input controls by Mad Catz.[13]. Additionally, Ion Audio is marketing a “Premium Drum Kit” which not merely functions inside Rock Band 2, nevertheless could additionally be extended into an electronic drum kit by the buy of the separately-sold drum mind. The “Premium Drum Kit” attributes 4 drum pads, 2 cymbal pads (with all the way of the third), along with a bass pedal.[10]

The Rock Band 2 peripherals plus Guitar Hero: World Tour peripherals are cross-compatible with different music games found on the Xbox 360 plus Playstation 3. Sony initially announced which instrument peripherals will be universally suitable found on the PlayStation 3[14]; plus about November 24, 2008 a patch was introduced to enable the Guitar Hero: World Tour drums to be correctly known by Rock Band 2.[15] Microsoft has equally reported which instruments found on the Xbox 360 is suitable amongst the 2 games, plus Rock Revolution.[16] The Wii edition of Rock Band 2 is suitable with all the Wii drums plus guitar for Rock Band plus Guitar Hero World Tour and the guitar for Guitar Hero III. Rock Band 2 drum plus guitar peripherals never function with Wii Guitar Hero games before Guitar Hero 5, though the microphone does.[17][18]

[edit] Tour mode
Unlike Rock Band, that segregated the single-player Solo Tour mode as well as the multiplayer Band World Tour mode, Rock Band 2 qualities a single “Tour” mode which makes no distinction of the quantity of players. Any mixture of 1–4 players, both online plus localized, could create a band composed of the player(s)’ internet characters. A band leader is not a longer important, permitting the characters in the band lineup to change at will, and swap instruments. The band must furthermore choose a name plus hometown before proceeding to their “practice space”. From here, the band can pick to “Start Tour”, undertake “Tour Challenges”, or compete with different bands inside “Battle of the Bands.”

If the band chooses to “Start Tour”, they might enter the game’s equivalent of the authentic Rock Band’s Band World Tour mode, permitting the band to play gigs plus tour a online representation of the globe. When setup is complete, the band may start playing concerts inside little spots inside their hometown till they unlock vans, tour buses plus private jets, that unlock more cities plus different continents. Unlocking plus completing brand-new gigs unlocks more tunes for play over all game methods. Effective performances additionally earn the band fans, stars, plus in-game cash. Many cities plus bigger spots need the band to achieve a certain amount of fans plus stars before they are unlocked. The band should complete specific sets of escapades at every location. Performances comprise of single tunes, numerous track sets, “create the own” setlists, plus secret setlists. For certain performances, bands are confronted with an optional challenge which demands the band to average a certain quantity of stars for their gig inside purchase to reap the benefits. Bands will equally hire personnel, including band managers, roadies, plus sound men.

The 2nd way within the band’s “practice space” is “Tour Challenge”, that is a set of non-linear challenges. Some of these challenges include completing certain band-specific setlists, sets of tunes which are difficult about a certain instrument, or tunes all with a widespread theme. New downloadable tunes is integrated into this mode, permitting the creation of fresh challenges. Players will conserve their progress from these setlists plus complete them at a later time. Newly bought tunes which may extend the size of the Tour Challenge setlist usually additionally should be completed inside purchase for the challenge to be completed.[19]

The final choice within the band’s “practice space” is “Battle of the Bands”, just accessible for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, plus Wii versions of the game. This mode enables the band to almost compete against additional bands through online scoreboard monitoring. This mode is composed of limited-time online tournaments produced by Harmonix, with around five to 10 challenges accessible any time. Challenges can be prepared up of 1 or even more tunes, plus can be geared to 1 instrument or perhaps a full band. The tunes are not limited to people found on the Rock Band 2 disk plus might include ones which employ tunes off the Rock Band disk plus downloaded content; it really is expected which challenges focused about downloadable albums may furthermore be produced accessible. Challenges may moreover offer specialized rules, including turning found on the “no fail” mode for a difficult guitar track, or completing a track without activating “Overdrive”. While playing the challenge, the band can see the score of the upcoming highest band within the online leaderboard, and a “tug of war” meter to show how close they are to the score. If a band’s score is surpassed, they is notified the upcoming time they are online. Challenges participated

Stars of nation, pop plus rock music usually work Sept. 6 about Monument Circle because piece of festivities kicking off the 2007 NFL season — that starts later which evening whenever the Indianapolis Colts host the New Orleans Saints at the RCA Dome.

The lineup for the free concert, that starts at 5 p.m., attributes headliner Faith Hill and Kelly Clarkson plus Hinder.
Hill is a five-time Grammy Award winner inside nation categories, plus Clarkson has available over 9 million albums because becoming the initial “American Idol” inside 2002.

Rock band Hinder is expected to do its smash 2006 hit “Lips of a Angel.”
John Mellencamp usually do at the RCA Dome before the game.
The Indianapolis Star plus WTHR (Channel 13) are localized marketing couples of the National Football League for the Monument Circle concert.

Telecommunications organization Sprint is the event’s main sponsor.
Monument Circle was the website of 2 days of concerts whenever the Final Four of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament came to Indianapolis inside 2006.
Previous NFL kickoff concerts inside additional cities have included Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Mary J. Blige, Green Day plus Rascal Flatts because performers
it’s a FREE show found on the CIRCLE!!!!!!!!!!

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this has been big speak for my neighbors lately. however, nobody will discover out how they receive into the show. any information about which?

Answer by Laura
I’m thus going!!!!