For my book…their family lives in Kentucky, and the father is a real-estate agent, but the mother doesn’t work and I realized that the dad should have a better-paying job to support his family.

Answer by DANIELLE R
Computer programmer, author, chef, tv anchor, football coach…

Answer by Ken W A
Dear Soccergurrlie13,

High-income is just what some Internet-based businesses routinely achieve. Let me share:
My research of 3 years yielded the following results:

It is true that work at home – through the Internet will likely not yield any “pay-by-the-hour jobs” that earn you an income. When you consider work with or through the Internet you need to consider “owning” or having your own business, in which you are the proprietor. Now, having said that, besides the scams that you have to watch out for, there are also a fair number of online businesses that offer a high income for those who learn how to work them. Generally speaking, pursuing your own business requires a different mindset than the 9 to 5 job. In some senses you set your own limits both as to time spent as well as income achieved. To achieve takes work, and usually it’s not difficult.

Any business requires some investment. If you were opening a hair salon in Philadelphia or Chicago (USA), you’d pay $ 80,000 just for the square footage before ever spending anything on product inventory. If you were to open a convenience store your investment would be upwards of $ 200,000. Investment in Internet-based businesses are much smaller (some are as much as 5K, most considerably less), but the profits are generally also far greater and more quickly achieved. MLM programs like Amway, Shaklee, Herbalife, etc. take a tremendous amount of time, energy and “successful” folk will only have achieved about $ 1,500 per month after two years if they persevere. An online business will require some investment. There’s almost always a “learning curve” in the training process that may take one to three weeks to grasp and implement. However, the returns tend to be substantial and because the Net is world wide, more Internet marketers are achieving high (executive) incomes than almost any other sector of business. What’s more is that the average person can learn the ropes, the “how to” for internet marketing and achieve success.

Whenever you find a business that attracts your attention, do your due diligence, research it thoroughly. 1) Get the most credible counsel, both positive and negative from those who are IN Internet marketing themselves. 2) Understand that high commissions will profit you much more substantially than small commissions. 3) Look for a business system in which you profit WITH your team. When you succeed, they succeed; when they succeed, you succeed. 4) Avoid pass-up businesses. If you have to GIVE all the profit of your first 1, 2 or 5 sales to your recruiter before you begin benefitting from your sales, then find another program. 5) Make sure the company has real products, and multiples lines of income streams. 6) A worthy company should SHOW YOU, or be willing to show you their training and instruction before you join. 7) A good company will have a “sales office” – people to handle your phone calls and close your sales, if you’re one of the 80% who don’t like to talk to strangers on the phone. 8) Be wary of any company that makes “promises” or “guarantees” of “getting rich quick without working.” Those are scams. Most businesses’ propaganda is splashy or glitzy. Don’t be put off by that. Just do your research thoroughly. But here are a FEW of the online companies that are NOT scams. ALSO, a number of these are 90+% automated … and even though products are “sold” you don’t do the selling, your web site does it for you.

• Abunza
• Perfect Wealth Formula
• Wealthy Marketer
• My Internet Biz
• Wealth Masters
• EDC Gold
• Cruise to Cash
• Passport to Wealth
• Emerald Passport
• Liberty League
• Roadmap to Riches
• Global Network
• Reverse Funnel
• Big Ticket to Wealth ***

Whether you pursue something like this will likely depend a great deal on your NEED and your GOALS.

Best wishes in your search.

PS. They’ll need a computer, internet access and a phone.