My wife and I haven’t been to Burning Man since 2004/2005. Other than a new theme, different weather, and the size of the event increasing substantially – what should we expect to be different from 2005?

Answer by Dogcat
The size should be the same, 04-5 were big years. However, there are far more live music acts than before! Since you were there, BM)’( has become THE place to be discovered for bands like Kan’Nal, Hamsa Lila, Mutaytor, Albino!, Dresden Dolls, Bassnectar, Infected Mushroom etc. This year expect FreqNasty, Glitch Mob, Rab, and rumors of Gogol Bordello.
And, at no added cost, 200 adolescents with hi-fi and blind aspirations of being the next great DJ, so they never need jobs!

I’m leaving from San Diego and I have only one week to drive around? I am open to adventure, have been to Burning Man, and have traveled through the Middle East. What do you recommend as MUST SEE things to do, in the week time I have to drive around. Thanks!

Answer by Blanca F
Are you talking about Tijuana, MX?

Answer by Richard C
You don’t say when you plan to make this drive. If you planned your trip during carnaval in Mazatlan, I would highly recommend that as a destination. If you are a music fan there is a music festival in Alamos, Sonora which is not so far south. You could also take in Copper Canyon which is close to Alamos. Check The Lonely Planet web site for dates. The road south from Nogales is mostly four lane toll roads. Do not drive at night and try to take a companion with you. Do you speak or read Spanish?

Answer by Ararodiel
You have to go to Cabo San Lucas, just don’t go to Cabo Wabo (it’s a lame tourist trap). There’s an awesome bar/grill there with a whole Day of the Dead theme going on. It’s supposedly a steakhouse, but during the day it had really great lunches and 2 for 1 beers. Cabo has great beaches (avoid the water taxis, they aren’t so trustworthy), great shopping, and friendly people.