how long does it last until the day of the finals? i’m making a tennis love story theme as i said before, and my main character was chosen as a wild card player, and is it okay if i change the date of the Australian Open from January to late of August instead? can it be possible for the Australian Open to be held early?

Answer by energymuse
No the Australian is always in January and the tournament lasts for 2 full weeks.

Answer by Mrs. Djokovic
Australian Open doesn’t change date. It last 14 days without qualifications and they last for maybe 7 days , I’m not sure. It will be played from 16th to 29th January of 2014.
US Open is played on late August, so if you can change place of playing instead.
Also what is reason for them to give him wild card? You can say he’s Australian player or he used to have better ranking which he lost due to injury. Also you may say he’s big hope for tennis and he played some tournament good so they decided to give wild card to him.

Answer by Ayush
all grand slams are supposed to last a fortnight, e.i. 2 weeks


The US Open and Australian Open have lighted courts for nighttime play, but not the other two grand slams.

Answer by wabbass95
It is because the French Open and Wimbledon date back much farther. It has everything to do with tradition.

Answer by Inf3rno97
Its to do with tradition, their both much older tournaments. :)

Answer by Chuck
Interesting question.

I believe the new roof over Wimbledon’s Centre Court has lights, so that one could be used at night. You’re right about Roland Garros, though.

Maybe the reason RG has no lights has to do with the surrounding area, part of which is the Bois de Boulogne.

The URL above has a map link where you can see how Roland Garros fits in to the Bois de Boulogne

Lighting a big facility gets into the politics, not to mention the extra money involved. Let’s hope the US Open will have a stadium with a roof at some point in the near future. The rain’s been a problem for the USTA in the last few years.